Massive Update to This Weekend

By , July 16, 2011

Over the weekend, added more than 40,000 new links to teaching guides and lesson plans for literature.  For many literature titles, the number of links has more than doubled.

Here’s a sampling of how the number of links on has grown since January 1:

Literature Title Jan.
Romeo and Juliet 264 links 716 links +171%
To Kill a Mockingbird 272 links 640 links +135%
Animal Farm 171 links 446 links +161%
Huck Finn 216 links 349 links +62%
Antigone 136 links 318 links +134%
Anne Frank Diary 158 links 243 links +54%
1984 132 links 223 links +69%

What’s been added? Many thousands of new links to TeachersPayTeachers, eBooks, Wiley, Scholastic, and Teacher-Created Resources.

I’m still working on “cleaning up” much of the new data, so you might find some mistakes and some confusing information; please email me at with any corrections.

I’m also working on some changes to the appearance of the site, hopefully enhancing directory pages to make them more useful.


2 Responses to “Massive Update to This Weekend”

  1. Mark Welch says:

    Yesterday and today, I made several thousand corrections to the data, and re-imported, re-generated, and re-uploaded new versions of all 2,030 content pages again today.

  2. Mark Welch says:

    Yesterday, I made hundreds of additional corrections, and added a few dozen new links. All pages on the site should be updated within a few hours (reflecting a “last update” on July 20, 2011).

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