Please Help Me Find Misteaks!

By , August 23, 2011

I need your help!  Please take a few minutes to check one or two of the literature-title pages at, and let me know about any problems. now includes 2,800 literature-title pages, plus 350 “experimental” theme pages, together displaying nearly 200,000 web links.  With every update cycle, I add new links, remove obsolete links, and find more mistakes, which I try to fix.

Sometimes, I insert new mistakes while trying to correct earlier errors, and in mid-August, I accidentally replaced an updated version of the “core database” with an older version, losing several days of work.  (This past week, I tried to re-create the changes which I’d lost, and today I’m uploading new versions of all pages.)

I need more eyes on my work, and I need more feedback.  Often, when a single error is identified, it allows me to correct dozens or even hundreds of similar errors on other pages.

Please submit your feedback to — and thank you for your help!


Added (Thursday, August 25): I noticed a “glitch” which omitted the left-margin navigation bar from some pages. I’ve re-generated all pages at, hopefully correcting this error.

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