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Please Help Me Find Misteaks!

By , August 23, 2011

I need your help!  Please take a few minutes to check one or two of the literature-title pages at, and let me know about any problems.

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Removing Advertising from Many Pages

By , August 9, 2011

Update (Aug. 22): I’m removing the Google AdSense advertising block from many literature-title pages.   Read more »

Update: Added 30,000 more links

By , August 9, 2011

Over this past weekend, I added another 30,000 links to the database (which now includes more than 215,000 links).

Over the past 24 hours I’ve re-generated nearly all of the 3,500 pages at

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Site Expanded to 2,800 Literature Titles

By , August 2, 2011

I’ve just finished the latest update cycle for, with resources now listed for nearly 800 additional literature titles, for a  new total of more than 2,800 literary works covered.  (This follows last month’s updates which doubled the number of resources linked for most titles.)

I’ve also modified the appearance of directory pages by adding a navigation/summary menu to the left margin.

Also, books which were finalists or winners of the Newberry Award are identified as such (usually this is the final item on the page).


Testing Some New Directory Pages (Experimental/Beta-Test)

By , August 2, 2011

I’ve generated a set of about 350 new directory pages under the /beta/ subdirectory at, to experiment with “theme” pages for a variety of content areas.

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Massive Update to This Weekend

By , July 16, 2011

Over the weekend, added more than 40,000 new links to teaching guides and lesson plans for literature.  For many literature titles, the number of links has more than doubled.

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Constant Updates During July

By , July 2, 2011

During July, you might notice subtle changes in how products are arranged on each page at  I’m also adding thousands of new resources into the directory this month.

Updates to

By , May 26, 2011

I’m currently uploading new versions of nearly all pages at This is the first major update since February.

I’ve added many links to new resources, and I’ve also removed several hundred “stale links” to resources that have simply disappeared (mostly lesson plans which have vanished from school and college web sites).

The most visible change: I removed the Amazon “skyscraper banner ad,” which visitors rarely clicked.

Update: 943 new teaching resources

By , February 20, 2011

This weekend, I’ve added 943 more links to new teaching resources.

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Added 2,465 new resources

By , February 5, 2011

Today I imported about 1,225 teaching-resource links from BrightHub, and another 1,240 teaching-resource links from Beacon Learning Center.

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