Updates this week

By , January 5, 2011
  • Mon: Romeo and Juliet: Added 26 links (total: 298 links);
  • Wed: To Kill a Mockingbird: Added 25 links (total: 297 links);
  • Wed: Flowers for Algernon: Added 11 links (total: 87 links);
  • Wed: Added 53 links to lesson plans at NNWP’s WritingFix.com;
  • Wed: Added 30 links for free MP3 audio recordings at LoudLit.com;
  • Thu: Call of the Wild: Added 16 links (total: 179 links);
  • Thu: Added 113 links to Teacher’s Pet PDF LitPlans at Amazon.com;
  • Sat: Added 100+ links to MrCoia.com;
  • Added several hundred other links for dozens of other works; and
  • Deleted several dozen “defunct” links.

FYI: I’ll try to note in the blog when I do “significant updates” for a single title, but the update process is time-consuming in itself and I don’t yet have an “audit trail” to identify all changes to the database.  Over the past few days, I’ve added new links for most of the “most-supported works.”

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