Constant Updates During July

By , July 2, 2011

During July, you might notice subtle changes in how products are arranged on each page at  I’m also adding thousands of new resources into the directory this month.

  • On June 30, California forced Amazon to stop paying for advertising on this site, eliminating 26% of the advertising revenue I earn.  Since I want this site to remain “relevant and useful” for English teachers, I won’t remove the Amazon links, but I have “demoted” those links (so Amazon links are generally not first, and no longer appear in the slightly-larger font size used for links to paid advertisers).
  • I’ve also started an experiment with TeachersPayTeachers, promoting those links to “paid advertiser” status.
  • I’ve added links to (replacing another merchant that offered the exact same products, because DedicatedTeacher’s pricing is 5% lower; both merchants use the same “ebook warehouse” system).
  • I’m also planning to dedicate many more hours during July to search for new teaching resources, especially for recently-released works (including recent Newberry Award winners).
  • I also hope to add links to additional merchants for products already listed here, so you’ll have more options when shopping for teaching resources.

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